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Ever wondered what Business Analysis is all about and how to begin the journey to becoming an exceptional Business Analyst? Do you want to gain a practical knowledge of what Business Analysis is really about?


This course offers a fundamental and practical approach to business analysis.

So whether you are already a Business Analyst looking to reinforce your knowledge or a new analyst looking to deepen your skills and knowledge or you want to transition into a Business Analysis career, this course will provide you with business analysis tools and techniques to solve real-life business problems, by leveraging real-life case study approach.


This is a 5-module practical business analysis course delivered online for convenience. 

The course covers  key aspects of the business analysis 6 knowledge  areas, and adopts a case study approach designed to simulate real-life scenarios.


Delivered by experienced and passionate industry practitioners, this course provides  a unique approach to business  analysis by engaging participants in  a thought protocol that ensures value delivery.

This fundamental course provides an overview of what you need to know to begin a career in Business Analysis or refresh your Business Analysis knowledge.

The course is offered by ValCon Inc's training affiliate, the Alberta Business School (ABS).


  • Course is aligned to the IIBA BABOK

  • Leverages a case study approach to simulate key business analysis concepts, demonstrate core business analysis competencies and skills 

  • Delivered by seasoned industry practitioners and facilitators

  • Affordable Budget-friendly (limited time only)

  • Flexible and convenient 

  • Access anywhere and at any time

  • Instructor collaboration via the Q&A  feature


This course is targeted towards:

  • Participants looking to transition to a Business Analysis career path

  • Business Analysts who want to refresh and reinforce their business analysis knowledge, enhance their skills and competencies

  • Participants who want to leverage business analysis knowledge to build core competencies and transferable skills to enable them to pivot to new career opportunities.


This is a 5-Module Curse: delivered online:

  • Module 1:  Understanding Business Analysis 

  • Module 2: Business Analysis Archetypes and Certifications

  • Module 3: Business Analysis Knowledge Areas 

  • Module 4: Common Tools and Techniques & Core Competencies 

  • Module 5: Case study walkthrough


There is a quiz at the end of the course.  Participants must complete the quiz in order to be credited for course completion.



  • Gain clarity on Business Analysis and the role of a Business Analyst

  • Understand the broad Business Analysis career path

  • Develop deep understanding of key business Analysis terms and concepts.

  • Understand common skills and competencies for effective Business Analysis

  • Earn16PDUs towards your IIBA certification exam requirements.

  • Engage in practical case-study to simulate how business analysis can be used to deliver business value.

  • A certificate of completion upon successfully  passing the course quiz.



The course is a self-paced course, participants can choose when to start once payment is made. However, the course will be only be available for 30 days from the date of enrollment.

During this period, you will have access to the course, after which, you will lose access to the course. We therefore encourage you to complete the course within the 30 days window from your date of enrollment.





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